Another day of work on games. My new house as playtest studio. As first game we tried one of those you saw a couple of weeks ago. Game mechanics need some tweaks, but we are on the right path. We have to show it in April to another game publishing company. The other game is ready, book format too. Today I will print my beta copy. A supplement is ready too, and another one is playtested in these days. I’m thinking to add a supplement with gladiators in the future. This new game series is a surprise. Out in 2016 among other projects as kickstarters.

As second playtest phase we played with the newest version of Song of Spear and Shield. This is a very old project that is on development since the firsts years of Ganesha Games. Now we found another game mechanic for it. Are we satisfied with it? I dunno, however I think that this is 2017 matter, even if I wish to play with it.

Later in the day Andrea spoke at a class on game design here in Rome. In some weeks he will keep a full 3 hour lesson for it. It is a class about developing personal games, teaching notions about marketing, game designing, graphic realisations and all these elements. An interesting thing.