Another day in Terni for playtesting. This time alone, because Diego had a bad time with family. Sad.
However I played a match with Andrea, playtesting for the second time a new game by Sergio, a game system where you use a dice pool to act. Andrea writes games very better than he plays them, so I could easily obtain a great victory: at the start he put too many forces behind the front line and there was a gap in the middle of the deployment. Then I fell asleep… Sergio in the aftermath insulted me for this. He reminded my past victories in tournaments, whereas during this game I had fear to move every single piece. Sorry chaps, I’m tired because I sleep only 6 hours a day and moreover with this heat my pressure is fatally low. However it is all my fault… The game is good, it is a fast and easy game system, always revolutionary as all Sergio’s games. But if you are a moron… However I suggested some crucial marketing ideas about the publishing of the game.

In the afternoon, after the dinner, more sleep for me… And a playtest about our boardgame campaign. I skipped a couple or more of matches so I refound my playing characters with more experience and weapons. This time it was a run towards the final goal. I had a better performance and fought hard. Only an error at the last killed a character of mine. Pity! The next stage is the final battle with a magic monster, only a matter of naked violence.
Next time the 24th of August, with more people and more games. And a big cup of coffee…