The past Saturday we met for a full day of playtesting. We are working on new projects for 2016 by Ganesha Games. At the moment we are still on the verification of the basic mechanics. So we talked a lot of what we think is the best for them and played a couple of games. On other things we are in more advanced phases. The publication of these rules is sometime only a matter of time and organisation for Andrea. We reminded of Song of Spear and Shield, so we play a speed battle with it. We don’t know if it is ready or if it needs something other. In the meantime I’m working on Ferrum et Gloria. I playtested some things for the second book but I have to complete the editing of the first!!! In February I want to complete the first book. Yes, it is late by a couple of years, but I think that every time I can put my efforts on it, it is better. Carry on… !