Fightin’ Fungi is a stand-alone rulebook based on the popular Song of Blades and Heroes skirmish game (SoBH). Gamers who are new to the rules will find an award-winning, complete, easy to use system which lets you play a battle in 45 minutes to an hour, and a mini-campaign or tournament in a long afternoon. Old fans of the game will find enough new materials for them to expand and bring new elements to their existing games of SoBH. Completely back-compatible with other SoBH books, Fightin’ Fungi will include Reactions (an action system which lets a force interrupt the opponent’s turn whenever a foe misses a Quality roll), optional weapon rules to represent flails, long weapons and so on, and a bolt-on spell system which can be used instead of the less detailed magic system of basic SoBH. Full stats for all mycological figures and a few suggested opponents (invading humans, neighboring wood elves and the ever-present goblinoids) will be provided so new and old gamers can start playing immediately.

Fightn’ Fungi is also the Ganesha Games first entry into producing a line of unique, high quality, metal miniatures for use with the Song of Blades and Heroes fantasy skirmish game. These miniatures will also appeal to miniature collectors, and definitely be of use in RPGs and other tabletop wargames.
The first range is a race of mushroom men and their fungi inspired creatures and minions. If the initial funding goal is achieved, Ganesha Games will be able to produce the first six harbingers of mycological mayhem. These miniatures have already been sculpted and are just waiting to go into production.

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