This year there are little possibilities of holidays for workers because the 1st of the year, the 1st of May (labour day), the 25th of April (official end of WWII in Italy) and the 25th of December (Jesus birthday) are days off like Sunday or Saturday. A strange calendar in these years.

Italian politicians are a total mess, so the idea: “let be happy people, a new holiday only for this year!”

And so we have got this “flag holiday”! What a stupid thing!
If you ask around what this holiday is, why just this day, none know the answer.

We have got this fake celebration of the 150 years of Italy, but Italy was not really reunited 150 years ago, it was all another story, and nowadays Italy is not so united.

And in the North there is a very influential political party that is a rule force in our government, based on racist and secessionist ideas (but it is only a fable for dumb and a matter of money to steal), that don’t want to celebrate this flag. They claim to be descenders of Celts and call themselves Longobards (that are Germans)! They wanted, and so have obtained, a holiday for their flag. They are thinking about which flag utilize, maybe a St. George flag, the England flag! And they are Celts… And this 17th of March is St. Patrick day, the national holiday of a real Celtic country: Ireland. And Ireland flag is similar to the Italian one. While Italians who suddenly 20 years ago named themselves Longobards thinking to be Celts, want to celebrate a English flag!

Another thing. After this precious gift of free time, someone reminded about the cost of it. Who will pay the workers for this new holiday? The solution: for this year all will have for holidays one day less!

Our national flag is green, white and red. Like pizza. It is not casual. Italy is like pizza. But if you put in pizza some genetically modified basilico, mozzarella produced from dioxin polluted fields, cheap Chinese tomatoes, what do you have? You have this actual and real wasted Italy.