Slowly than before, this kickstarter was funded. Not so big amounts of money to invest in miniatures, so one hundred of backers don’t emerge with their force. However there is still time to pledge here: PROJECT SIMIAN ULTRA X

In the meantime two chaps are pledging for 2 special figures that Ganesha Games realised following their desires. It is the GENETIC ENGINEER pledge. So Andrea design your very own mutant/engineered animal or plant miniature. The miniatures must be approximately “man size” (36mm high) but can be almost anything from your imagination. Then the sculpting of your creation. And you have 3 pewter copies, plus the original colour design artwork of your creation illustrated by Andrea.

The former is Til the Mutant Koala Bounty Hunter. Protected by partial scrap armour and a studded helmet, this dangerous, eucalyptus-chewing bounty-killer is an hyper-evolved koala with near-human manipulative paws. His paws let him use firearms and other equipment but are still animalistic enough to deliver nasty clawing and raking attacks. Til comes equipped with a chem slug-thrower, a short ranged, high-impact weapon that can fire a variety of ammunition. Boba Fett meets koala…

The latter is Jimbot-3000. Tasked with infiltrating human settlements, but not too bright, its idea of disguise was to rip off the face of a human and wear it as a mask. Needless to say, that did not work well. It is armed with a vibro-glaive that can easily disarm opponents or chop their heads off. Jimbot features a self-repairing ablative armour that can easily shrug off bullets, a super strong servo arm to crush opponents or move rubble out of its way, and legs equipped with shock absorbers for increased stability. For ranged combat, Jimbot-3000 has a four-barrel multilaser on its chest plate and a smaller pop-up needle-pistol hidden in an arm compartment.

More news on this ongoing kickstarter in the following days. In the meantime, after Play Modena, other appointments are on the way. This night a Ganesha Games demo at Mjolnir games shop, tomorrow the game design class held by Andrea, Sunday a full day at Romics comic convention. And in spare time, playtesting sessions at my new home.
Full reports in the future!