The 4th of June Mr. Luca Blasi and Miss Abigail Hole celebrated their marry in Anguillara Sabazia (north of Rome). Here a brief report.

Do you remember Luca? He is a member of our Legio Palatina wargame group. Now he lives in London. The last time we saw him was just in London, when he guested us for a week. He is the guy with the bald head in the front of a man with a band coloured like our national flag (the Mayor). On the left there is Aby and again the witness, the Luca’s little sister with her first two children. The other witness was from Moscow. Other people went from Germany or other parts of Europe.

A large delegation of English people were present. You can see the lake of Bracciano and strange hats that English people, especially female ones, use in holidays. The official language used was Italian but a 90% of guests only speak English.

After the civil rite a series of photos to immortalise the moment. Here you can see how beautiful is the bride.

Rice rain!

We ate a lot. Before a series of starters in the open, after the rest of the lunch on a big hall. At the end the classic: the cutting of the cake! Near the bride two little children: Gabriel and Jack Romano.

Traditional sensual folk music and dances from the South of Italy accompanied the day. Luca is not from Rome, he birthed in Puglia, but he lived in Rome a lot. And when you are in Rome and you act like a Roman, you are a Roman.

Me and Narciso, another Legio Palatina member. I’m the only guy with a sky shirt. The official shirt colour was white. I’m out of fashion!

Paolo (Ronin Clan and brother of Luca) and I.

After the lunch more wedding time near the lake under the restaurant. This is the lake of Martignano, a small lake in a natural park. These mad English took away their dresses and swim in the lake! Mummy always tell me to not take a shower after a meal and these people from northern lands take their swim suites! Children (more than 10 I think) had a lot of fun in the water. There was a babysitting service for children during the day.

More relax and free fruit juices and cocktails around the lake. English bought beers in industrial rating at the bar, it’s more strong than them. Here you can see Diego, other Legio Palatina member.

More music and dances, with fun dance fertility games! More children on arrival?

The evening went on, with deejay music from London and a dinner, until late night. Diego was tired and today he have to play a battle with tons of little men made of lead. We leave at 20.30. Great day!
This one in the picture is a special gift that we gave to the couple.