I’m leaving for Lucca for a 4 day convention, the third biggest comic convention in the world. It will be a tour de force among 160000 people and piles of beautiful things as comics, wargames, boardgames, videogames, gadgets, toys, music and much more. And a huge cosplayers presence! I’m the partner of Andrea Sfiligoi for the Ganesha Games stand. He will run some demonstration tables: Song of Blades and Heroes II; Samurai Robot Battle Royale; Of Gods And Mortals. I will run my Zen Garden and Ferrum et Gloria demonstration tables. I’m so thrilled because they will be great days among my passions. I hope the weather is good! Come to say “ciao” to us!

I will take lots of pictures for multiple posts on this blog. Maybe a video too. Be patient, after the convention I will be dead tired. In the meantime you can follow the convention on https://www.gioconomicon.net and