Another Ganesha Games’ playtest time in Terni. Andrea hosted us in his home for a day. The last part of Summer is full of meeting opportunities to play with the latest games by Andrea and Sergio. And to drink uncommon soft drinks. And a bottle of traditional Italian lemon syrup “Tassoni”. Add to them cheap snacks and a dinner in a Chinese restaurant and you can obtain an idea about our cholesterol levels.

This time we playtested the last scenario of the boardgame, the fight of the survivors against the final monster. As a videogame. After a lot of efforts and scenarios our heroes found the last obstacle to their liberty. A challenge that they resolved shrewdly. Some tweaks are necessary to this game to resolve some aspects, but the core mechanics are validated.

More time available, so some BattleSworn games were played. The game is published so it was not a real playtest, only a way to run in the rules with more people. Now is available the printed version on Amazon (CreateSpace) here:

Narciso reached us later for more fun. Other playtest meetings are scheduled in the near future. Photos and reports will follow…