Another Kickstarter proposal: a modular gladiator arena! You can add which modules you want. The choice is among wooden or stone terraces, and some modules have doors or peculiar features. There is an imperial podium too. A 8 section arena, a circular one, is labelled 60 quid, an elliptic one made by 10 section is 75 quid, a longed one by 12 section is 90 quid. The ground is available with patterns according to popular gladiatorial game rules. I remember you that with Ferrum et Gloria you don’t need hexagonal or squared ground because there is free movement in the style of other Ganesha Games rules.

MDF is the new material for scenic objects on wargame tables. It is lighter and cheaper than resin, and the objects are not a single closed block but something that you can handle inside. So this proposal is something that follow actual tendencies. It is good, so you can have your huge arena for 28mm figures at a reasonable price. My only concern is about the style of some modules: they don’t know how a real arena was, indeed. Moreover, I wish a step system for the terraces but here there are only unnecessary doors and decorations. Pity! The idea is really great, the realisation is not so great. A more detailed study and attention on real arenas and this stuff would be the definitive arena. However now is maybe the best area that you can buy on the market. After some customisation it will be better. Pledge here: