If you are used to naked young women undressed as comics, videogames and anime characters, this is your post. But if you want to watch them you have to go on Istagram or Flickr because I hadn’t the time to take photos around. Yes, it is so sad…

Do you remember him? He is mr. Lo(s/d)i, the man that splept on the loo floor at Lucca 2012 because of Andrea habit to snoring like a train. After the shock he enlisted in Imperial Army.

A smart move because in the Imperial Army you can find these Sororitas.

On the left old style Imperial armour style, on the right a newer one.

However there were amazing cosplayers around. I took this photo while I was returning from food vendor that was optimally managed by local Red Cross. (Yes, to eat you needed a Red Cross service!) Just a moment and again in the Games pavilion crowd.

Here there are two cosplayers and a person with a real dress. Guess who was he among the three?

This is the “Gli Orti di Via Elisa” restaurant staff, our preferred restaurant in Lucca. Every year during Lucca C&G they work in costume! This time they were following the Assassin Creed theme: ‘700 in France. Very dedicated people!