Another year! Toward the future, looking back to the past, blogging about miniatures and life. Like every year I read the last year statements and I found what I was thinking about new targets. Something is still waiting to see the light since a lot of years, something is lost in Limbo, and more ideas and projects are born in the meantime. Conjectures about the new year are sometimes negated by time. However a lot of realisation by Ganesha Games are out now, as two Kickstarter and more of them are programmed. Among other collaborations as playtester, I’m in the work on the 2nd book of Ferrum et Gloria, an adventure for a Italian roleplay, an Italian edition with added materials for a classic game by GG. I was in a lot of conventions and I scheduled the next ones for all the 2016. Tournament season with DBA is definitely closed. The new house have absorbed energies and all my money, so no ambitious holidays next. What will happen? You will know reading these pages. In the meantime, Happy New Year!