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When love is love

It’s a love story. You cannot deny it. These are some pictures, available to all, where you can see with your eyes which rapports are between these two great minds. It is not a scandal to show love in public, it is a natural thing. And remember, “bunga-bunga” is a Gaddafi creation, Berlusconi only adapted it.


Salute 2011: I love London

Londinium is a really great city. I love it! This is my 8th or 9th time that I visit it, and I want to come again and again. This is my report about the other things I did beside Salute together with my old chaps. And there is no Salute without a visit to London…

First thing to do in London: to see the latest miniatures painted by our guest Luca. It is late, but little soldiers are little soldiers!

This is Henry, but it is a female. It lives in the house and used to sleep between me and Narciso. I had only half bed because the other half was for Henry. It has very affectionate ways, a puss machine!

Next year will be the Olympic year. The clock in Trafalgar square.

Renzo Piano has the longest… skyscraper. The skyline has a new presence, you can always see it around London. Ready for 2012. The Belfast vessel and the Tower of London pier watch the development.

The heart of Little Italy, the church of St. Peter.

The memorial on the sink of Arandona Star, the ship with part of the Italians who lived in London, deported toward Canada in 1940.

Another ship, a reconstructed ship, with a freshwater sailor on it.

Even the Doctor visits Forbidden Planet shop.

A local delicatessen: a Dalek cake!

Real British food: gammon with eggs and chips.

British food again: fish and chips with peas.

From left to right: Luca (his left arm), me, Narciso, the right hand of Paolo with a pint of bitter, Paolo, Ornella (the back of his head).

Shop of Westminster Abbey. Maybe there will be a marry the 29th of April…

And in another shop there is a salute from the Queen.

28mm scale to show the construction of the underground. Museum of Transport.

The dock outside Canal Museum.

New London Architecture and a view on the development of the city. It is not a dead city like Rome, here there is a plan for the future realised in the present. London is a great city.


Clowns at war

Before the crisis: Berlusconi kissed Gheddafy’s hand to pay homage. And after Gheddafy cleaned his hand.

At the start of the crisis: Berlusconi said he don’t want to call Gheddafy because he thinks he is busy.

Now: Berlusconi is ready to fight Gheddafy…


Flag Holiday

This year there are little possibilities of holidays for workers because the 1st of the year, the 1st of May (labour day), the 25th of April (official end of WWII in Italy) and the 25th of December (Jesus birthday) are days off like Sunday or Saturday. A strange calendar in these years.

Italian politicians are a total mess, so the idea: “let be happy people, a new holiday only for this year!”

And so we have got this “flag holiday”! What a stupid thing!
If you ask around what this holiday is, why just this day, none know the answer.

We have got this fake celebration of the 150 years of Italy, but Italy was not really reunited 150 years ago, it was all another story, and nowadays Italy is not so united.

And in the North there is a very influential political party that is a rule force in our government, based on racist and secessionist ideas (but it is only a fable for dumb and a matter of money to steal), that don’t want to celebrate this flag. They claim to be descenders of Celts and call themselves Longobards (that are Germans)! They wanted, and so have obtained, a holiday for their flag. They are thinking about which flag utilize, maybe a St. George flag, the England flag! And they are Celts… And this 17th of March is St. Patrick day, the national holiday of a real Celtic country: Ireland. And Ireland flag is similar to the Italian one. While Italians who suddenly 20 years ago named themselves Longobards thinking to be Celts, want to celebrate a English flag!

Another thing. After this precious gift of free time, someone reminded about the cost of it. Who will pay the workers for this new holiday? The solution: for this year all will have for holidays one day less!

Our national flag is green, white and red. Like pizza. It is not casual. Italy is like pizza. But if you put in pizza some genetically modified basilico, mozzarella produced from dioxin polluted fields, cheap Chinese tomatoes, what do you have? You have this actual and real wasted Italy.


The best mayor of Rome

I want to close this year with the image of the best mayor of Rome: Gianni Alemanno. You can see here his concept about recycling. He took off bins to streets so now people have to throw away their litter (inside paper bags!) only in (secret?) selected open areas on the street where a dustman collects them, when he is present obviously. This service is activated only in determined hours in the morning, during the day is impossible to throw away your litter. So lazy people throw away their litter everywhere, even in the bins for plastic or glass (the ones that remained at their place). But there is also people unable to reach dustmen, even because people work in the morning. And if you buy a slice of pizza there isn’t a place where to put the envelope.
The recycling fact is only an excuse for some matter of money. I think all this thing costs more than before, and there is no more recycling. The upper picture explain all the situation on the new service to a cleaner Rome. It was took under my house in a normal day.

I could say more on this great mayor and his great management, his scandals and his inefficiencies, but I think you can just see this photo where our mayor is doing one of his habitual activities. With a free translation, the surname Alemanno can be interpreted something like “Oi! I eat!”.

In this night there is the tradition to throw away the old things that you don’t want in the following year. I’m thinking about someone…


New barbarians

new barbarians

For our government, for our politicians, for our (all types of) mafias, this is only a heap of stones. But these walls are our heritage. Schola armaturarum is no more. New barbarians are in Pompeii, new barbarians are in Italy.

new barbarians