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Damon in Rome

Damon went to visit his Ganesha Games colleagues here in Rome for two times from Malaysia, at the end of 2016 and at the start of 2017. Here in the photo a cocky Roman seagull saw during his tourist visit.

Here we are in ARSM club headquarters for some playing. Together with us Damon’s wife and Luca with his two hooligans. Rogue Stars and Run from the Dead on the menu.

Some time after, and some degrees up, at my home for more playing. And to test Star Eagles with 3D printed ships.



I’m busy at job and with my new house, so no abroad holidays in the last two years. And no real holidays at all. But I have got photos of past ones. I forgot to show you what I did during the 2013 summer. I promised that but other new things were more impelling, and day after day, they are 3 years. So Lisbon, at last! I have not the will to do something complete as a full report. But I create a thematic itinerary. I visited many places and museums with a military topic. I hope you enjoy all of this. And consider Lisbon for a visit because it is very beautiful, romantic and historic.


Ferragosto time

And even this year we are in the zenith of Summer. A pause about our little soldiers, to speak about bikinis. Do you prefer military uniforms or these two strips of cloth? Impossible to answer.

Who are these beautiful girls? They are Stellar, a popular Korean pop group. Don’t hear the music but enjoy the video.


Holidays in Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio

Summer is time of holidays. And if you want a budget holiday you can go to Terni to visit your friend Andrea that needs some holidays too. So we travelled in a few days in a lot of towns, small towns and villages around Terni. This is the photographic report.


In the first couple of days we went to Hydracon, a boardgame convention around Perugia held in a luxury hotel. No swimming pool use for games, pity. I played 5 games of Fortebraccio, and I lost all of them.


The last day of Mercato delle Gaite, when during a couple of weeks this town turns into a medieval town with various markets, celebrations, games, stages.


A gem all made of stones on top of the hill. A fairy village with a castle. Its calm is unreal, but all is real.


A lake, a small town, a past tourist vocation, the centre for agnostic rowing in Italy.

Castel Fiorentino

An Etruscan city, then a medieval city with its castle and a tower built over the ancient acropolis. And a view on the valley.


Another Etruscan city, larger than the other one. In the local museum a great special exposition on Etruscan writing. A collection of all available Etruscan inscriptions around. Pieces that you can view on books were all concentrated here. A must see!

Castiglione del Lago

Along our road we arrived to Trasimeno Lake. Yes, that Trasimeno Lake. A hill on marshes with another Etruscan city, after a walled medieval city with its castle, after again no more marshes but only the lake. Now a pleasant tourist place. Dinner with lake view.
If you remember in a past post there was a pennant from here. If you can’t notice it, the photo is that with the girls…

Rocca Albornoz di Narni

This castle was built when on Papal coat of arms were put two keys. Over Narni. To control the city, the road, the State.

Poggio di Otricoli

Another castle, but this one is in ruins. Around a village where there is a medieval festival every year. Otherwise a bunch of small houses.

Calvi dell’Umbria

The name is something as “bald people from Umbria”. It was lunch time, it was hot, so none was around. Andrea was the only available balding person from Umbria. I’m from Lazio…


More hot, more hunger. No restaurants. We leave.


Along the road we find a bar to eat something. Surprisingly it was outside the archaeological city of Otriculum. Wrong weather (full Summer) and wrong time (two and half in the afternoon) to visit it without dying for the hot. So only a view from the bar. And this satellite photo of the local arena, with plantation inside.

Civita Castellana

It was late so we didn’t visit the castle built on a ravine. However there was this beautiful church with some marble pieces added.

Then the train for Rome, with a late in the travel almost equal to the time needed. And so these were my Summer holidays for the 2016. Maybe next year we will visit other towns in Terni surroundings.


Genova (part 3): travellers

More things about Genova. This is the last post and it is dedicated to travellers, as Cristoforo Colombo.

Another traveller was captain D’Albertis. He travelled around the world three times. When he was in Genova, it built a castle that now is an ethnographic museum with a weapon section based on his souvenirs took around.

Another traveller was Edoardo Chiossone who worked at the Imperial court of Japan, designing their money. He collected various things, and among these armours and weapons.

A war mask.

Samurai armours.

The museum is very suggestive and with a particular architecture. At the ground a musical exhibition was held as final year essay.

James Richardson Spensley, an Englishman who worked in Genova, practically founded the first football team in Italy. During the visit of the team museum I found this boardgame, a sort of football manager on cardboard.

Other travellers were the Red Shirt leaded by Garibaldi that started from Genova conquered the South Italy. Since Italy was united as country.

And this one is one of the proto-flags of Italy.

If you want to know more Genova you have to become a traveller and go there…


Genova (part 2): power on sea

Genova holidays again. I selected few photos from 1000. So it is only an idea of what you can find. We visited more than 14 museums in 5 days. We are not used to rest during holidays.

Here I am partially under the sea. The frontal part of a real submarine. Where you put torpedo to say hello to enemies.

The pilot seat on the right, a lot of indicators all around.

Periscope. I cannot see a thing, pity!

Nazario Sauro, Italian style submarine.

Inside the new Sea Museum, a 1:1 reconstructed Genoese galley.

Helms to coordinate with the ship.

And cuirasses.

And inside the old harbour a very huge aquarium with various kind of fishes, jellyfishes, aquatic mammals and birds.

More tomorrow…


Genova (part 1): overview

And now something about 2015 holidays. This year was Genova, at the end of May. From here an empire on sea was built. And Cristoforo Colombo started his voyage to discover another continent. Now it is still a proud city with something of rebel into his veins, with more glory than majesty.

Old city with narrow streets. Dark even when sunny. A maze, sometimes dangerous.

Epochs on epochs. A mix that still live.

City lie on hills, so you have to climb it.

Some buildings have an access to the road on the ground and on the roof following a natural height difference. No straight lines from a place to another here, but walls to climb with steps.

Building inside buttresses. Every space must be used.

And now the part built in the 1800 and on. A straight one level large way with porticoes. The fountain has pink water. It seems wine or blood.

Even here a difference of levels: under a portico, and upper a church.

A view of the harbour from a fake castle built on a real castle. It is still one of the most important Mediterranean harbours. In the dock a cruise ship so large that it seems a big block of flats.


The old lighthouse now is only an element of the harbour, enclose by a coal-burning power plant, roads, huge ships and containers.

The old part of the harbour is now a tourist place with cinemas and attractions.

Boccadasse was a small town for sailors. Now it is absorbed by Genova and it a picturesque place where to eat gelato.

At the other end of the city, on the left, there is Pegli. Some beach resorts on stones instead of sand.

More tomorrow…


Flat tin soldiers

Back from the past! It was 2012 and we were in Switzerland at the Paolo’s marriage. During a visit at a castle we found, inside a large number of showcases, an exhibition of flat tin soldiers which were owned by the former landlord. While I was viewing old photos I found them, so now I show them to you. But remember, it is only part of the exhibition. When you speak about the number of soldiers that you have got, you are never sure…

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