lucca 2010 I’m here again! I had a holiday of four days full of excitement, a full immersion in my passions: lead soldiers, boardgames, videogames, comics, action figures, mangas, vinyl toys, gashapons, Japanese robots, cosplays, and all this type of stuff. My eyes were full of imagines that my brain couldn’t process immediately. Four full days among other 135000 people there for the convention, but no sense of fatigue in myself. My only regret is that I wanted more and more, but as usual I returned to normal life.

What is Lucca Comics and Games? Well, it is one of the biggest convention about comics. It started a lot of time ago, and it was confined inside a basket stadium. An occasion for people in the comics field to meet and talk to each other. Year after year more people came and the event had more spaces around the stadium inside large plastic tents.

lucca 2010

A section about games was added and the people grew more and more. Comics was became not more a thing for people with glasses and dirty dresses but a lot of females joined the public of comics readers thanks to Dylan Dog (an horror comic with the highest number of pressed copies) and mangas. The first cosplayers were viewed around too. The place was too small and one time there was the apocalypse of the event: a heavy rain fell on people and comics, and there was a two hour queue under the rain for a ticket and none admission due to too many people inside the convention.

lucca 2010

After this destruction a new idea brought the event outside the stadium and its parking: now Lucca Comics and Games was inside the city, it was the city!!!

Lucca is a precious jewel, with its huge and green bastions, delicate palaces, towers (one with trees on the top!), impressive churches for peregrines, remains of ancient times like a Roman amphitheatre developed into a place with rounded buildings. It is a rich city from ancient times, full of history, and now the city of comics, with a museum to decree this.

lucca 2010

On this map you can see where the party was: sky for comics, pink for games, yellow for shows, meetings and events. In the following posts I will speak about things I saw and did.

Here the official photogallery (I think I will post some pics from it if I haven’t the right photo for a situation):
I will have even some pics took by my friend Paolo of Ronin Clan fama. See his blog for more photos!