The convention is scattered all around the city of Lucca, inside pavilions. It is called Lucca Comics and Games. You saw in the previous post some comics and gadgets, now you can see the game part. This one is the queue at the entry to the games the morning of Saturday. I had the staff pass, so you can well understand what it can means.

Another view of the games pavilion on the other side, that one with the walls and ditch. That part outside the pavilion is where is the illegal market. In another post I will explain it.

This one is the stage for a videogame called Just Dance 3. It is a great opportunity to see young exhibitionists that move themselves along the music. The girl that managed the game was really crazy using dirty and insidious talking to move the people. For five days.

Painters exhibition. At the end they sell the paintings with an auction sale to aid sick children at hospital.

During Lucca Games there are some awards to the best games. This one is Rattus, awarded as table game for families, but it is card driven and with a theme based on pest deaths. A game for a happy evening in the family? Some people added an envelope with money (Monopoly like money, we are in a game fair) for the judges.

This is the iron man after Zerloon blog, in the fair for Gioconomicon as web journalist for the game area. Part of Gioconomicon staff brought me home the last day. Thank you! : )

Torture of Macaluso, a bloody pagan rite of hunt at the end of Lucca Games, to save us from the rain and bad results.