And now something different. Well, it is not so true, because it is another report from the Fair of Rome. In the past I had delight you with other fairs as Hobby Show or Pabogel. They aren’t fairs about games but I have a special pass for a free entry even in business fairs for selected people, so I sometime go to see what seems interesting.

This fair was about bar & beverages opened only for operators of the sector. It could be an opportunity to eat and drink a lot for free! The plan was to impersonate restaurant owners to taste food. So I called some friends of mine and we went to this place. But none were around. The moon landscape of the Fair of Rome seemed empty. The pavilion was proposed with a dark atmosphere, with only big screens to light the scene. Some extremely beautiful hostesses were walking around in their mini-skirts with nothing to do. Some waders and jugglers played for a few people. Only a couple of stands or a little more had something to taste. Some stands were abandoned to their own because of the fiasco. To scrounge a Carlsberg from an annoyed person was not a decent thing to do, so we quickly leave the fair for our homes. Pity!

I haven’t photos of the hostesses so I propose this one about Smurf popcorns! I took it in a cinema. It is weird enough. I don’t know the taste.