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Lucca C&G 2013: Go Nagai

Obvious presence in the fair for something related to Go Nagai creations. This year there was the preview of a new line of models available in newspaper kiosks. They are in metal, previously painted and almost 14 centimetres high.

More detailed these plastic models. I like the flying fists a lot. I don’t know well the Mazinger with bat wings, more modern and demoniac versions of the old classics.

Gashapons are an easy and cheap gadget that you could find in the fair. Here some of Go Nagai’s giant robots. I wonder about all the female ones variations. I have to watch more anime and read more manga to know better…

The Lucca C&G report will follow the next year with 93 more photos!


Lucca C&G 2013: Gundam

Gunplay is the Bandai division for the promotion of Gundam modelling. In Lucca there is always an huge space for kit vendors and for a modelling contest.

Previously coloured versions. This is the weathered one. So it appears more as a real life model than a toy.

More versions of the hero. Always the same but different. You must have all…

Gloss metal finish…

Well, this is too much…

If the white fighter is the hero, I prefer the green enemy…

ZAKU is the best!!!

Part of its original family.

Here a Zaku involved with a big gun.

Scions of the original design, with the evolution for the neo Zion times, nazi helmet wearing…

Kit evolution, from 1980 to 1999. Better sculpt, better plastic models technology.

These Zaku were part of an exhibition about Gundam kit evolution during 30 years. Always the same design that evolve through times. Here in the red dress, but I ever prefer the green one, the trooper proud of Zion warriors.

This modelling contest by NKGC is always engaging. Here a diorama with the use of small figures from railway modelling.

One of the latest designs for the 0080 war. I like bulk mechas so much. I love it!

In the end, a war scene in the snow, like war on trenches, but with Zaku.


Lucca C&G 2013: modding

These days I’m thinking to buy a new desktop computer because mine is more than 10 years old. It still runs but it is a little slow and problematic at start and to manage graphics. So I need a trustworthy beast for the next 10 years. I like modding, so I want something with an aggressive look in addition to power. And in Lucca there was the usual modding contest.

Well, these things are a little too much radical for my taste of home. However I need neons. A computer with neons works better!

A cabinet wash and a sort of flower…

Water cooling is so sexy but maintenance problems are time exhausting.

Another area was devoted to vintage gaming. Do you remember mr. Pac Man?

Where real money is in gaming industry: videogames. Here the little space owned by the preview of Playstation 4.

Another little space, always in the Games pavilion, a stage only for an online game that I ignore because I pass my free time only with little soldiers made of lead.


Lucca C&G 2013: Doctor Who

After only 2 months I came here to report the BIG event of 2013, the Lucca Comics and Games convention of 2013. In these days an official report by organisation gave the real numbers of the fair. They sold 217646 tickets. You have to add all the people that worked in the fair, as vendors for over 700 stands, volunteers that managed the masses of people, all the people involved in spectacles and events, press and all kinds of operators, citizens of Lucca and neighbouring. 40000 square metres of exposition area. To complete the numbers I can add that you could not find a room to sleep on all north-west Tuscany. During the 4 days I was in my area but I found some time early in the morning to watch the fair. Well, I reached to see all stands only one time, and no show, spectacle, event, film or exhibit. It was impossible, I could reach places only because I had a staff pass. In the next year they are thinking to expand the fair area because of the blocked streets of the city even for walkers and the long queues to enter in pavilions. So more Lucca C&G for 2014!

And now my report. I have over 100 photos to post. It is difficult to manage all this so it will be a little jumble. To start, a couple of photos about Doctor Who. Tonight will we watch the end of the 11th Doctor. Those days we were waiting for the 50th anniversary. A cosplayer meeting based on this saga was held. Huge numbers I heard.


Ludica Roma 2013: Ganesha Games

Last but not least, the part dedicated to Ganesha Games of the Ludica Roma 2013 full report.

Space is not a big problem in the pavilions of Ludica. So we obtained lots of tables to show rules and games. A DBA in 1:72 scale was organised by Diego.

On your wargame tables in 2016! One of the first playtests of some new ideas for a game by Andrea.

The first public preview of A Fistful Of Kung-Fu. Out by Osprey Publishing in February…

A photo from the first day in the fair. Building modular walls for my arena.

And after the masonry work, a chocolate snack. The candies stand poisoned the air with a terrible stench of chocolate. You couldn’t resist it for long. So I bought my waffel stick!

And here my arena. A lot of people appreciated it.

Those days my father was painting more spectators. However these are just all very active.

Among reenactors there were some involved in gladiatorial fights. A nice chap illustrated to people the specific disciplines of arena. I took advantage of the situation to brandish weapons and touch helms. So I could have a direct experience of what I studied and applied in Ferrum et Gloria.

Do you recognise the different kinds of helms? In Ferrum et Gloria you can understand why these are made in every specific way.

Shields and greaves. Due to hits, you can see as these are used in real fights.

In front of you an arbelas, with its crescent blade.

Back to Ganesha Games space. On the right a preview of the second volume of my rules: gladiatorial fights with ships.

A more detailed view.

An OGAM tournament was held the Saturday. I was very nervous because I only play it in playtests with Andrea mastering. Moreover I didn’t know the final version and how to build a winning strategy. Indeed this is my year: another great result, the third place! A Ludica gold dice and a book from Osprey as prize.

Another preview. I’m planning another game after Ferrum et Gloria. With this photo I suggest the topic of it. We knew in Ludica a reenactor of this historical period that is even a wargamer. An interesting meet.

Now we are waiting for Ludica Rome 2014. And the organisers are waiting for an analysis of the fair that I have to write to them. And you are waiting for other fair reports that still I have to write. In the meantime: Merry Christmas!


Ludica Roma 2013: wargame

Still the Ludica Roma 2013 report. Aiming to our real interest: wargame.

Well, the thing that you can easily note on the photo is the candies stand. However we were there. Ganesha Games was situated where is the bunch of people at the extreme bottom, on the left part of the photo.

Another view. The previous photo was took on the balcony where are the escalators. The moment is dramatic: a lamp on the roof turned off so they are working on it.

A dream that we realise was the Samurai Robots Battle Royale game. Instead here we have a wargame by Bandai in the Gundam universe. The Italian Gundam club organised this display with gashapons, among other games and things. I’m almost thinking to join this club…

Two-dimensional wargame goes 3D! There was a large display with two-dimensional wargames like this.

Samurai. We all need some bamboo fences, Japanese houses and other related things: we have to be ready for a Japanese wargame, ever.

The last production by Torriani: rules for western battles with miniatures.

A huge scenario by Games Workshop staff. The colours of water were amazing.

Di Bartolo’s Napoleonic rules made their debut in Ludica, published by Chillemi editions. Here while a game was held.

Look at this vineyard!

Some time ago I saw the huge Napoleonic miniature collection by Di Bartolo’s club. Every time I wonder for their beauty.


Ludica Roma 2013: modelling

In Ludica there were a painting competition and a lot of modellers, with stands and displays. I wish to show you some models that caught my eyes.

A Roman ship in 1/50 scale I think. You can add some 28mm miniatures, some other ships and that sort of things… to create a naval battle!

Italian transport ship during the WWII for amphibious assaults. If our high command was better, with these things we could capture Malta…

Italian assault ships: maiale, a torpedo for frogmen; barchino, a small motorboat with explosive warhead.

Ships from WWII Italian float. Still, if our high command was better we could obtain a lot of victories…

After real things a fictional one but based on WWII tanks, adding to them a mecha feel. So beautiful!


Ludica Roma 2013: Lego

I like Lego so I’m happy when I see kids that play with it. A great way to conquest new people to this world is what this Lego group do: you can build something with available pieces, then you can bring it at home paying the price based on the weight of the final piece. Simple and fun.

Another thing that this group brought at Ludica was a modular mosaic with a view of Fontana di Trevi. Using a lot of Lego little cubes and a guide, the public could build this wall piece by piece during the days.

But the real impressive Lego kit (!) was this reproduction of the land of Game of Thrones. I forgot the number of bricks that they used, it was huge indeed. And thinking to the time and the skill for it, I could think about ages to realise it…

Troops to convert the diorama in a real wargame…

And now some photos to show you this table. Look at the details!

If you don’t like fantasy sets but real ones, think about what you could do with these tanks…

To the end, a photo of me on a wall made of Lego minifigs, a collection made of every kind of existing minifig, I think.