Another year! Toward the future, looking back to the past. I saw the last year statements and I found that no target were achieved. So sad. However you can read 2013 posts on this blog to discover that in the past year I did something. Well, a lot of convention mainly. So, I try even this time to plan stuff relative to miniatures. I think (again) it is the time to publish Ferrum et Gloria. Final edit will start briefly. Ready for April? In the meantime I will start to write the second part. We will continue to produce new supplements for Of Gods And Mortals. And to work on new projects for Osprey. Another rule book is in the planning with a new system by me but, due to my scarce free time, written by Andrea. My father is painting my miniatures at bulk rates so I will have a lot of new little friends. I’m planning conventions and tournaments too, so I pinpointed some dates to my personal calendar. I’m updating the look of the blog. You will see all here. Happy New Year!