Something about December, almost in time. Among markets.

Here we are at the annual appointment with Più Libri Più Liberi. It is a big book fair with small publishers inside a building from ’40-’50 years. Surprisingly I didn’t buy books for me. Just a couple of days before I found some books so interesting that I declined purchasing there. However this is a source of rare gems that you cannot find in bookshops.

Japanese market is always cute to visit, especially in Christmas times. Here in a tea break at the Japanese street food vendor.

This is the ideal place where to bring females and a lot of money. We are males so only bought 3 fridge magnets and a bath towel.

Still in Fiera di Roma for artisans market in two pavilions. Among other things you can found delicatessen from various parts of Italy. I bought Christmas gifts mostly here. Food mostly. Here in a pause with a classic Sicilian dessert with ricotta cheese. After for dinner, tiella (a pastry with octopus and olives) from Gaeta and arancino (a ball of fried rice with mozzarella and other things as pistachio nut) from Sicily. Weiss Beer provided by a German speaking country, instead.